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Many major construction companies enlist my services on a regular basis for Location, Progress and Completion work.


Many of the images taken during the progress stages of construction make great PHOTO ART  They are used in company reception areas as large screen slide shows and can been seen complimenting many of my clients office walls.

Fulham Pallace Road

New Build (Birmingham) Progress Images

Vanderbuild Homes

New Build Leicester Progress Images

New build Progress images (Lewisham London)

Church Farm (Private House)

<< New heading >>BBC TV Ctr Progress

Seymour St 

<< New heading >>Finberry School 

Bridge House       Blackfriers


Farringdon Crossrail 

Gas Holder Triplets Kings Cross

Audit House The Embankment

Russell & Strathmore School 


Pope John Catholic School, Brentford

Leicester Sq 

Bohunt School  Progress

Westminster Bridge Student Accommadition

02 Millenium Marketing Hub

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